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Talking Therapy Bath


“I know that you suffer, and that is why I am here for you”.  Thich Nhat Hanh

I imagine that you’re reading this because something feels painful.  The problem may be small or feel overwhelmingly large. 

While confiding in friends can be beneficial, it often involves consideration of their feelings and potentially impacts on your own emotions. In our sessions, you needn’t worry about such dynamics. As a professional counsellor, I assure you that your thoughts and feelings, even those considered socially unacceptable, will be met without judgment.

Facilitate your journey towards self-awareness and the alleviation of your suffering in establishing a therapeutic alliance with me, David Thompson.

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Offering an authentic, non-judgemental, and accepting personal relationship and noticing what is happening in our relationship with regard to a wide range of psychological theory and practice.



I’ve been practising since 2011 and have several thousand hours of experience. Qualifying as a counsellor in 2013 after four years of study and accredited by BACP the leading governing and regulatory body. 



Receive compassionate and non-judgemental guidance, within a nurturing environment, for helpful and effective change. My practice prioritises privacy and offers a calming ambiance for introspection and healing.

“ There is a great deal of pain in life, and perhaps the only pain that can be avoided is the pain that comes from trying to avoid pain.”.  RD Laing

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  • As a qualified therapist myself I regularly draw on my work with David and continue to be grateful for his staying power, respect, encouragement, and healing.

  • I sorely miss my sessions with David and thank him for being there. He’s a great therapist.

  • A big thank you to David for the time we shared together. Lots of elements of our different conversations together continue to resonate. I particularly appreciate feeling that ‘you’re my man’.

  • I really appreciate all of the care and support that David gave me across our sessions together. It was a huge reassurance to know that after a long week of potential stress and anxiety that I could come to David and we could have our hour together to talk or even just sit together. It was an important part of the week for me.

David Thompson

Fully Accredited

Registered Member of BACP and fully Accredited.  Accreditation is objectively considered an indication of mature competence.  Only one quarter of qualified counsellors are fully Accredited with BACP.

BACP Registered